ACE Driving School

We provide training services to
young and new drivers applying for
G1 and prepare new drivers for G1
and G2 exit road tests.

At ACE Driving School, we believe
all traffic collisions can be
prevented.  For this reason, we are
committed to improve road safety
statistics through education and
awareness.  We are dedicated to
the highest level of professionalism,
actively researching and analyzing
latest studies concerning the safety
of our roads.  Our instructors are
highly trained and kept up-to-date
on traffic Laws, regulations and
by-laws governing Ontario licencing

Our programs have been design
with special emphasis on preparing
young drivers to:
1. Drive strategically
2. Obey laws and regulations
3. Play an important role in building
safer communities
About Us
*** Challenging Economy ***
At ACE Driving School, we are committed to the highest level of
professionalism, honesty and integrity.  Thus delivering the best in class
service at an affordable price.

The catalyst to our success has always been and will always be a simple
idea, but yet, the effect is enormous.  Our goal is not to get rich and make
hundreds or thousands of dollars from students who could not find summer
jobs or parents who took pay cuts or even lost their jobs.  But rather,
goal is to prosper with our community in times of prosperity and reduce
the burden on our community in times of economic hardship.
believe in the noble cause of preventing fatalities and injuries on Ontario
roads and therefore making driver education affordable especially in these
hard economic times.

In today’s economic conditions, we take pride in being able to save our local
community hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced driver education
fees.  At the same time, we look into a prospering future for our community
and for ACE Driving School.  We believe we’re not far from a promising
future.  The key is to keep working together, provide the best in class driver
education and reduce the burden of economic hardship on our community.
Beginner Driver Education at
an Affordable Price
Our highly competent – university graduate driving instructors developed
and obtained MTO-Approval for ACE Driving School Beginner Driver
Education Curriculum.  Our BDE curriculum meets all MTO Standards,
addresses local traffic safety issues and prepares our graduates to pass
the road-tests.  Unlike other driving schools, we have no curriculum royalty
or corporate fees to pay.  
Those cost savings are being passed on to
our students in the form of reduced course fees.
ACE Driving School became the licensing authority for driving schools to
teach the ACE Driving School Curriculum.  As the developer of ACE Driving
School BDE Curriculum, we train, licence, audit and collect royalty fees
from driving schools teaching our curriculum.  

No wonder why the competition looking over our shoulders and frequently
inquiring about our programs.
ACE Driving School – Leaders … Leading … In the Lead

We continually research, analyze and share data related to safe driving habits
to prevent injuries and fatalities on Ontario roads.

INTEGRITY - We provide instructions with honesty, conduct fair assessments and work
with our students in good faith to prepare them for today's driving challenges.  We believe
doing the right thing will always get rewarded.

PROFESSIONALISM - We see the driving instruction industry as a professional industry
and conduct our business as such by being role models on the road.  We obey all rules
and regulations set by the MTO and other governing agencies for the driving industry.  
We do NOT cut corners.

LEADERSHIP - We continue to research and provide tools to the industry to further
improve the quality of driving instructions in Ontario.

COMMITMENT - We are committed to the highest standards in driving instructions
serving our community with the respect and passion to accomplish their goals.

EXCELLENCE - We continually educate and improve ourselves allowing us to provide
exceptional driving instructions with the most up-to-date rules, regulations and teaching